Saturday, 2 January 2016


This blog was always supposed to be a record of walks in both the U.K. and abroad.  Sadly, I have not been as diligent as I should be in keeping it up to date and I am loathe to promise to do so in 2016. However, both Gill and I are determined that we will get out on more walks this year.

2016 has got off to a start with a 4.8 mile walk around our old home town of Guiseley.  Those of you in the U.K. will be aware that the last part of December was dominated by very wet weather.  So it was good that our friend Dave planned a walk that had little tramping through mud across the fields. In fact the muddiest part of the walk was across the playground area in Menston Village !!

Many thanks to Dave for planning and leading the walk.  Also, to Sally who (despite a broken toe) stayed at home to prepare a wonderful meal for our return.  Much appreciated by all of us.

Here's tp more walks during 2016 !!

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